Friday, October 23, 2015

Finished the Master Cleanse Program!!!

I did it!!   I am phasing out of the Master Cleanse and moving into clean eating.  I love how the health industry has made popular the word clean in regards to the way we eat and our bodies.   Drug addiction recovery also uses that term of 'getting clean' when one gets off dope.   I find it very fitting of what one is doing not only to there body but there soul as well.

I feel so clean today.  Physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Today my thoughts are clear of obsession, which is such a wonderful freedom.  And here I thought I used drugs, food and sex to find freedom from the mundane and boring in our world.  True freedom resides in the absence of slavery.  I am not a slave to my obsessive thoughts today and boy let me tell you how good that feels!

Today my body is regaining energy and feels better shedding the extra weight that was clogging my arteries.  I am lighter in my step and yoga practice is becoming easier every day.  I am beginning belly dance youtube videos( not ready to join a class just yet).  And even began going back to the gym, which I cannot even begin to describe how much I love the gym.  I truly do.  The whole energy and atmosphere of a gym just illicit feel good in ones body, well that's how it makes me feel anyways.

Emotionally I have to say, I haven't taken a calming herb in a couple weeks now.  No daily lemon balm squirt in my water, No Gaba pills to ease my anxiety.  Nothing.   By day three of the master cleanse I was so calm and relaxed.  My energy being conserved for things that matter in life.  The phrase "don't sweat the small stuff' kept coming to mind during my cleanse.  And now it has stuck,

Spiritually.  I am just starting to connect in with my higher power.  I think I always struggle with this one most.  which is funny because when people are asked to describe me in one word Spiritual is the word most people choose.  I find that I have such a deep belief in my higher power and such a great relationship with them, that I feel safe enough to get right pissed off when shit goes sideways in my life.  My higher power is who i get pissed off with,  I am kinda still mad at her that she didn't let me play in the devils playground.  I get why and yes appreciate where I am at.  but emotion doesn't reason with logic.  So spiritually I have a little bit more work to do but I for sure feel clear enough to do it.

I love the master cleanse.  It may not be for everyone cause it sure does take alot of will power and the ability to listen to your body and trust it.  However if you can do those things then I highly recommend clearing away the toxins not only trapped in your body but the ones in your life as well.  \i know I will do this cleanse once a year to reset my body and to continue to deepen the cleanse.  I only chipped the tip of an ice burg this cleanse.

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